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Packing up in Rod's basement. Does it fit now Hentie?We ate breakfast in Vermillion Bay.A long drive up to Red Lake from Vermillion Bay.The Suffel Lake Road that isn't named properly... (FLAT Lake <> Suffel Lake)The road becomes less of a 'road' and more of a 'trail' the further you go.Unloading gear in the Leano Lake parking lot.Ready to start!Mike bought a Safeway store and put it in his backpack...It's good to be back!!The weather was perfect.Paddling down Kilburn Lake.We got a different camp than we wanted on Kilburn but it was right next to a fish factory.A calm evening on our first night.Fishing for Walleye!We all lost count on the first day already.A view from Vern's seat in the canoe.Hentie fishing at 05:00 on the second day.I heard splashing and found this guy 1 km down the lake feeding on the bottom plants.