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Lake O'Hara in early morning light.Looking back at Mary Lake and Cathedral mountain as I gain height into the Opabin Plateau. The two summits of Wiwaxy rise on the right.The excellent trail on the Opabin Plateau with Opabin Pass in the far distance.Looking over Cascade Ponds towards Wiwaxy (L) and Huber (R).Mount Biddle towers impressively over the route to Opabin Pass.Looking over Moor Lakes towards Wiwaxy East (L) and Huber (R).The trails on the Opabin Plateau are wonderful - the views are wonderful too.Hungabee Lake reflects gorgeous Cathedral Mountain. Odaray and Stephen on the left and Wiwaxy on the right.A panorama of the Moor Lakes (distance) and Hungabee Lake (closest) as I work my way up the headwall to Hungabee Lake.Opabin Lake with Yukness, Ringrose, Hungabee and Biddle (L to R).Mount Biddle reflects in Opabin Lake. Opabin Pass at far left.Hungabee (L) and Biddle (R) reflect in the green waters of Opabin Lake.Frozen puddle and Opabin Pass.The Opabin Glacier is quite broken and melted back.The Opabin Glacier is tame, but is quite broken and requires crampons to get up and down safely.Mount Biddle and the Opabin Glacier.Glacier patterns.Mount Schaffer, Opabin Lake, Yukness, Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral and Wiwaxy (L to R) in the bg.