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Starting early - we're already on the lake as the sun starts to rise on Mount Rhondda.A telephoto shot of the access moraine rising steeply in front of Rhondda (in sun) and Habel. Everything is very foreshortened in this shot.Looking through the narrow gap towards the moraine at the back of the lake.Avoiding wet feet in the narrows at the back of the lake.Looking towards the moraine as Peyto catches the morning sun.Steven comes up the lower moraine.Time to boot pack!Traversing a steep slope near the top of the moraine. Everything was locked up tight.I love this view from the top of the moraine - except for the fact that it shows a lot of height loss to the Peyto Glacier!A nice ski run down the moraine to the Peyto Glacier.I was surprised to see all these ski tracks over the heavily crevassed glacier beneath Peyto Hut - but obviously the cracks are well filled this May.Steven ascends the ramp with Habel, Baker, Tilly, Trapper and Peyto from left to right.Big terrain - but small compared to the Columbia Icefields. At least on the Wapta you make progress every 1/2 hour!