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Leaving Totem Creek for the ribboned and blazed trail along it's banks.High above Totem Creek.The blazes were still running with sap - they were quite fresh.While the trail is still faint in spots there is a veritable highway of ribbons and blazes through the forested approach.A cleared highway through the bush here!Phil crosses Totem Creek.We were one drainage too far south at first - we wanted the drainage with running water, which we had to cross here.Great views up the drainage with running water that marks the correct start to the lower ascent slopes of South Totem.Phil takes a breather after a very steep ascent out of the drainage below.Lovely forested slopes beneath the scree slope on South Totem.Phil checks out the views of some of Murchison's towers rising over Totem Creek.We skirt the forest just below the scree slope to South Totem's false summit.Wonderful views back down Totem Creek towards Mount Chephren.Endless piles of this. I did the whole thing in approach shoes and it wasn't too bad, save a few very loose sections.Chephren and Howse at left and Bison at right with Epaulette, Kauffman and Sarbach in between.Spreading Peak from near the false summit of South Totem.