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The new logging road that had been driven on recently. We followed this east for a few kilometers. Note the very recent burn across the valley.Mount "Bull" or Splendid looms over us as we hike up the logging road.Now we've headed onto a much older road that switchbacks up towards the easternmost ridge of Smith.Now we're on an even older road which was part of the strange strips of old cut blocks in the hanging valley NE of the first false summit.There was evidence of very old logging activity in the bare areas of this valley.On a great trail along the spine of the ridge.Our first glimpse of the first false summit (L) and Smith rising beyond.Nice terrain along the ridge.On the spine of the ridge, looking back at our ascent route.Looking back along the ridge towards Mount Peck at center distance.Looking off the south side of the ridge.Great view of our route ahead with the summit looming above. Our eventual bivy site is the small clearing right on the ridge crest above Eric's head here.Losing height before regaining it to our bivy which is at center left here.The high summit on the far left is an outlier of Harrison and is higher than Smith but unnamed - Harrison SE2 on Bivouac.View from my tent.