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Note the frost on the ground. Hiking up from the EP ACC hut to Schaffer LakeCrossing a stream just before Schaffer Lake.From Schaffer Lake's west shore I spot my third scrambling option to the summit - directly up west slopes to the colLooking north from the ascent slope at Odaray, Cathedral and Wiwaxy Peak (L to R) with Schaffer Lake at bottom.Looking up at the easy scrambling terrain.Great views of Odaray and Cathedral.Stunning views of McArthur Lake with Park Mountain in the bg.The ridge route to the summit of Schaffer - there's a great trail all the way up!Fun, blocky terrain.Incredible views of Park Mountain and the McArthur Lake area.More of the quartzite ridge with beautiful Cathedral (C) and Stephen (L) in the bg.Looking directly down the climbing / scramble route on the north ridge - the EP Hut clearing at center.Nearing the summit now, Park on the left and gorgeous Mount Owen on the right.Stunning views of Lake O'Hara and Wiwaxy Peaks with Cathedral on the left and Victoria - North Summit on the right.From L to R, Biddle, Park, Owen, Duchesnay, Odaray, Stephen and Cathedral.McArthur Lake is stunning in the early morning lighting. Park and Owen are very attractive mountains.Ringrose (L) and Hungabee (R) loom over Hungabee Lake (L) and Opabin Lake (R).Looking through Opabin Pass towards Deltaform and Tuzo in the Valley of Ten Peaks.