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Frosty, fall morning.Frosty, fall morning.Looking back at Robson from the trail past the Berg Lake campground.The trail goes past Rearguard Campground. I was surprised how flat the terrain was between Berg Lake, Rearguard and the Robson Pass campgrounds.The route is well-signed where it needs to be.It's incredible how much the Robson Glacier has retreated in 100 years! It's not even visible from here anymore!I found Whitehorn Mountain to be a very striking and beautiful peak from the Berg Lake area. It's on my list.The trail approaches the Robson Glacier - still a long ways off though, considering 60 years ago it covered this areaRobson Glacier.The trail has an interesting scrambling section which is chained and even has a fence to keep you safeI love this shot of the Robson Glacier, showing how it curves down and around Rearguard Mountain to the terminal lake.Robson Glacier and Mountain.When the trail starts to climb up beside the Robson Glacier it eventually flattens a bit and you get an amazing walk high above the glacierExtinguisher Tower.The trail continues up the moraine. Extinguisher Tower with Resplendent in the clouds above it on the left.Mighty Mount Robson with the Helmet in front of its east face and the Kain Face rising above The Dome on the left.