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The Poboktan Creek trail was in excellent shape - much nicer than our slog into Drummond a few weekends ago.The Poboktan Creek trail is mostly in the forest, but occasionally there are some decent views.There are sections of the trail that resemble a cut line.For the most part the Poboktan Creek Trail is in excellent condition and well graded.The waterfalls across from Waterfall Campground are partially frozen.Even the rocks are in fall colors.The lovely view from camp.Telephoto looking down Poboktan Creek towards the Maligne Pass area from near the Waterfall Camp.The lovely Poboktan Creek Valley with Waterfall Peaks in the background.I could call this "home"... The warden cabin along the trail.The trail became muddier as we got further along it, but the sun was warm and the temperature gorgeous for mid-October.Phil leads up through light forest from the Poboktan Creek trail.