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Early morning light on a well packed approach trail to the lake.Peyto lake stretches out before me as I exit the trees.Looking ahead to the gloomy moraine from the back of Peyto Lake.Looking back from the narrows - we just crossed the stream directly rather than getting fancy on approacher's rightThrough the narrows, looking ahead at the moraine (center) and our prize - Peyto Peak rises on the right.Looking back at Steven just approaching the bottom of the ramp which is hard to distinguish in this photo - but it's there!Great scenery around the bottom of the moraine.Ben is the only color showing up in the bleak morning landscape as we trudge up the moraine with our skis on our backsLooking past the research station to the Peyto Glacier.Ascending the Peyto Glacier.Ascending the Peyto Glacier.Ascending the Peyto Glacier.The Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.Peyto Peak looms over the biffy.Mount Baker is a gorgeous mountain. Steven and Ben approaching it on the left-center.