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Early morning light on Mount Assinboine. I had to get up before anyone else but it was worth it!The day breaks.Hiking towards Windy Ridge through a neat gap on the trail.The mountain on the right of the photo is Og Mountain.Near Og Pass with Og Mountain in the background.Hiking up the Windy Ridge trail.Windy Ridge on the left, Og Mountain on the right.Jon and George hiking up to Windy Ridge.The snow gets deeper as we get higher. It got colder too for some reason.Excellent trail the whole way up. Too bad about the cloudy weather.Hanneke and Vern at the Windy Ridge lookout.The view from the lookout.Jon breaks trail up Og Mountain.Rod comes up behind me with Windy Ridge in the background.Jon on the west summit of Og Mountain.Traversing to the higher, east summit of Og.Rod remains content on the first summit.We actually need to go over or around 2 intervening summits to reach the fourth.Jon descends the second summit.Jon waits on the third summit while I go over to the main one after a difficult descent from the 3rd