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This is the first wolf I've seen in the wild. The funny part is he just laid down and looked at us after we stopped along hwy 93 to look at him.On the old roadbed off hwy 93 starting our trek.Every trailhead is different. Every trailhead is a place of anticipation.Views back across #93 to Cromwell, Engelhard and Mushroom (R).Just to get to this point involved 700 meters of height gain through the trees.A cloudy Spring day on the giant SW slopes of Sunwapta.Tangle Ridge lies to the south across Beauty Creek.Woolley and Diadem hide in the clouds to the west.The SW slope is huge.The unnamed peak / ridge to the SE is impressive and unnamed.Views to Mushroom Peak.Mount Smythe has a distinctive form.Looking past Mushroom Peak to the north face of Diadem (R).The northern end of the Columbia Icefield is hidden in clouds at left.The first false summit on the way up held some beautiful cornice scenery.Another panorama on the way up, looking east towards Le Grande Brazeau from the ascent slope.Sonny makes his way up to the summit under thick cloud cover.Sonny makes his way up to the summit under thick cloud cover.