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Ready to leave YYC! Note the crutches? I still needed them to walk at the time of departure.Driving the 5 hours from Calgary Alberta to Swift Current Saskatchewan on a lovely summer day.Thursday, June 30th was another nice day for driving - then strong winds which threatened to blow my canoe off the truck every time I passed a semi on the TCH!A last "good" meal before bush food for 2 weeks.Kenora, Ontario.The long, lonely drive up highway 105 to Red Lake from the TCH. To make the drive longer, the speed limit is only 80km/h, thanks to the many moose in the area.After the first 18 kms the Iriam Lake road deteriorated quite a bit. It's hard to see here, but it was pretty beat up thanks to the RED03 wildfire earlier in the year and fire crews extensively drivinExtremely pumped to finally be starting out trip after months of looking forward to it and planning.The first 350m portage is pretty deluxe. Don't expect this in the main park!Carefully balancing across the creek along the 625m portage into Onnie Lake. This was tougher once we had a canoe on our heads.Doesn't look like much gear for two people to live for 16 days off the grid does it? We had a food pack, a food barrel, a shelter / tent / clothing pack and two day packs.I clearly remember standing in this spot, looking at the first unnamed lake after the 350m starting portage.Onnie Lake!