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A lovely 05:00 morning hike in the forest along the Cline River Trail.Looking up O.D. Creek towards sunrise on Sentinel. I'd backtrack from here about 30m before paralleling the creek on climber's left.There could not be more difference between DTC "bushwhacking" and BC bushwhacking...An interesting lean-to with fire ring part way up the ridge.Gaining height along O.D. Creek, looking back along the tight confines of O.D. and up Coral Creek in the distance.A steep, loose descent from the pleasant forested ridge down into O.D. Creek east fork, which is dry at this point.Note the hard, smooth limestone on my left and the loose, unstable rock on my right.Elliott Peak looks much closer than it is in this shot from the creekbed.This was easy travel for me, but is going to be a PITA for folks once all the snow melts.The slide came in from the right (clearing a very straight line through the forest) but my stream branches left and I will leave this mess behind.A very unstable tower of concrete scree is just waiting to fall on an unsuspecting traveler.Looking back down a very narrow and small creek now.The rocky stream abruptly becomes a beautiful mossy, lush forested one. I didn't see that coming.The cairn at the edge of the boulder field just visible at center and the open terrain leading to the alpine bowl ahead. Sentinel towers at right and Elliott at left.This view is extremely foreshortened - there is at least 800m of elevation gain left at this point.Gaining height rapidly on the lower snow / avalanche slope. Look at all that nasty scree I'm avoiding!