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The wide road I started biking down (since the gate was closed).Soon after starting down this smaller track you should be at the correct drainage (to the right).Which drainage?! The left one looks bigger but the right one looks easier. I ended up choosing the right hand one and it is the correct (Nugara) gully.Here's hoping this is the correct drainage! :) This is looking west from the bottom of the (correct) drainage.Climbing into the big white!Looking down the ascent drainage - not a great place if you don't like heights or loose rocks on slab. The NE end of Loaf Mountain's ridge rises in the background here.Good fun moderate drainage scrambling! Good thing the rock is dry already too!If you don't hit this cliff band you're not in the right drainage! Bypassed easily on climber's left.The clouds made life interesting for me on ascent. There were no trails or cairns to assist me.Traversing gullies to the west. This is looking south / west.Finally I'm on the summit scree slopes - summit to the right here.Finally I'm on the summit scree slopes - summit to the right here.Trudging up to the summit (on the right).The clouds added some drama to the scenery - better than smoke!Pincher Ridge is across Drywood Creek to the NE. Victoria Peak and Ridge are hidden in cloud beyond.