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This is what it looks like to descend the north ridge of North Twin to the Twins Tower col. Note Raf's party far below at the col already.Amazing view down the Athabasca River valley - Twins Tower rising on the right.Amazing view down the Athabasca River valley - Twins Tower rising on the right.Raf, Jay and Adam start up the arete to the summit of Twins Tower. From L to R, Alberta, Little Alberta, Woolley, Engelhard.Raf's group on Twins Tower.At this point I was totally psyched and ready to tackle the climb. And also a wee bit nervous. This is one of my favorite shots from the whole trip.TJ and Vern at the Twins Tower col.We had a nice break to drink some fluids and goof off while Raf's party ascended Twins Tower.This photo from Raf more accurately depicts the serious terrain on the north ridge descent from North Twin to Twins Tower col.Jay leads Adam and Raf up Twins Tower in this view from the col.A look back down the arete at TJ who is obviously loving it!TJ and Raf congratulate each other on the summit of Twins Tower. This was Raf's last Columbia Icefields summit!JW on the summit of Twins Tower - obviously quite pleased with himself!View of South Twin, Columbia, West Twin (TINY!) and Kind Edward (L to R) from the summit of Twins Tower.Looking over Stutfield (L) and Kitchener (R).TJ descends the upper ridge on Twins Tower. Note the ridge on North Twin that we have to re-ascend.Raf's view of the two teams carefully down climbing the snow arete from the summit of Twins Tower.TJ  waits at the col for JW and I to get back to our packs.From the col, looking up at North Twin (L) and the other team still descending Twins Tower (R).Raf's photo of JW, TJ and I climbing back up North Twin.