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Another great trail - although pretty wet - leads towards Sunburst Lakes.Great views of Sunburst Peak and Sunburst Lake.Great views of Sunburst Peak and Sunburst Lake.A dedication to Lizzie Rummel.Lizzie Rummel's cabin at Sunburst Lake.Lizzie Rummel's cabin at Sunburst Lake.An old cellar, located just uphill from Lizzie's cabin.Mount Assiniboine.Heading up a shallow draw between Cerulean and Elizabeth Lakes.Heading down towards Elizabeth Lake. I didn't realize it at the time, but the summit of Chucks Ridge is at center here.Elizabeth Lake at right with Chucks Ridge at left and the Nublet at right. Nub Peak is out of sight at center.The Chucks Ridge official trail is just in the trees at bottom right here and I've started back to the east, up the west end of the ridge to the summit.The lower ridge is easy scrambling on scree and grass slopes - made a bit slick by the fresh snow.Not as easy as expected!Excellent views over Elizabeth Lake. One unfortunate side effect of hiking west of the lakes was the bad reflection angle of the morning sun.More interesting terrain.This is getting fun!