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Old tracks up Michel Creek.Hiking up the west side of Michel Creek.A snowmobile track up Michel Creek.Continuing up the network of snowmobile tracks.This poor little bird froze to death or something. It looked alive as I approached it.Continuing up the network of snowmobile tracks.A split in the track - go left for the most direct route.Continuing up a much less used track.On the overgrown section of "track" - this hasn't been used in many years.Exiting the 1km overgrown track onto a much more open one again.The first open cutblock. Snowshoe to upper center than go to upper right.Back on a recent track through the cutblock.It's a beautiful spring morning.Looking back down the cutblock to Loop Ridge across Corbin Road.The snowmobile turned around here. Maybe I should take the hint...Views back over my tracks coming up the cutblock.Traversing to another cutblock - the route goes up the hill at center.Views back down my tracks up the hill. Loop Ridge and Ptolemy in the bg.Arg. This was a drag.Breaking out of forest on another OHV track.