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Looking back down at the Dawson PRA parking lot (C) from a nice access ramp we followed up Lusk Ridge East summit.This hike is mostly forested, so you have to be expecting slightly muted views compared with wide open mountain vistas.Forest floor detritus is always interesting.Faint trails kept us entertained between light bushwhacking. It was never truly horrible 'whacking, thank goodness!A view over Sibbald Creek Trail towards Deer Ridge and Eagle Hill.Unexpected views off Lusk Ridge East summit looking back over the first forested bump we hiking over. Cox Hill at distant right is going to show up all day on photos.Phil takes in the forest scenery looking over the Powderface Trail towards Cox Hill.After a very enjoyable first hour or so of open forest hiking to the summit of Lusk Ridge East, we started encountering way more snow than we expected.Interesting tracks - too small for bear.A rare break from the snow slog, looking towards Lusk Ridge.We did get interesting views towards the front ranges including north towards Grotto, Fable and Morrowmount.Orient Point looks fairly dry with End Mountain and Association Hill in the foreground.Don't be deceived. That "little bit of snow" is waist deep in spots! Looking towards Lusk Ridge main summit.Tiara and Belmore Brown Peak.Phil makes the ridge traverse look way more interesting than it was.Looking back towards Lusk Ridge East summit.