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A photo from the Gorge Creek approach road, Mount Ware is the distant pointy peak to the right of the treed knoll.Wietse hikes the trail to Gorge Creek from the parking lot.Pleasant hiking and views.There some junctions and other trails that could confuse you if you're not on the ball. So be on the ball.Lots of ups and downs but it's worth staying on the trail because most of them avoid unnecessary creek crossingsWe tried avoiding this particular uptrack but ended up going up the hill anyway!It's a ways after this gate before you go up through light forest to climber's right.Gorge Creek is not a place you want to be hiking in, especially after the 2013 floods!Great views of Bluerock Mountain from the approach - note we're back down to creek level after the fence / gate.Bluerock Mountain.We went up this little draw to climber's right and to the summit from here.The forest was fairly open - we stopped for lunch here.The 'bushwhack' is very tame by my current standards.Great views towards Bluerock once we were close to treeline.Nice open slopes to the summit bump (out of sight to climber's left here).Hiking up to the plateau before the summit bump, great views of Burns and Bluerock.Goat track - or human? Hard to tell.The summit bump from the upper plateau.Looking back at Little Ware from the summit bump ascent slope.