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Sunset near Camp on Family Lake.Bald Eagle.The smoke looks volcanic with the setting sun.My Ultramid 2 is in its happy place here!Hentie fishing at 05:00 on the second day.Dramatic sunset with a light rain still falling.Another peaceful sunset closes out Wednesday.The sky kept getting better until around 21:30.One last gorgeous sunset from my canoe.Fireweed behind our tents near where Rod and Tim scared off a large black bear.One of my favorite shots from the entire trip. This is what canoe trips are all about for me. Perfect tranquility.A great day ends on a positive note. Not just one rainbow but two! And it didn't even rain on us.It doesn't get much better than this! Our delightful camp on the south end of Rostoul Lake - the main part of the lake is at right and our exit up Haven Creek is at center left.Niko contemplates life before we leave Telescope Lake on Thursday morning.Mars reflects in Glenn Lake with the Milky Way.Mars reflects in Glenn Lake with the Milky Way.