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Fall colors are already out along Spray Lakes. This is the trailhead for the Buller Pass trail.An excellent trail - not too over used but still obvious and nicely graded for the most part.The burnt forest section is interesting.Looking up at the drainage that leads to Buller Mountain via Kane's route. I remember this drainage being rather unpleasant.The hike was very pleasant in the cool morning air and warm sunshine.Just before the trail splits, we arrive at an upper meadow / burn area.A much smaller track to North Buller Pass.Getting near tree line now - you can see the false summit of Red Peak in the far distance now.A nice waterfall along the way - North Buller Pass in the far distance.Beautiful open alpine meadow. North Buller Pass looks like a steep grunt from here!A steep grunt up North Buller Pass.Gorgeous views into the upper Ribbon Lake area from North Buller Pass.Looking back down our approach from North Buller Pass. The Tower on far left, Engadine on the left and Buller at center right.