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Descending from Two O'Clock peak to the ridge.We thought we were done with boulder hopping but as we start our descent to Two O'Clock Ridge we clearly are NOT.Looking up at Mike descending bouldery terrain on Two O'Clock Peak's SE ridge.You can't move quickly through this stuff but it is scenic.Looking down the SE rige to the summit of Two O'Clock Ridge.Mike emerges from shadows beneath me. Tuff Puff at center - the small bump of light colored scree.Looking over at the impressive form of Whirlpool Ridge.The shadows are racing ahead of us as the day grows late.The shadows are racing ahead of us as the day grows late.Looking back up at Two O'Clock Peak from the first saddle with the first bump on return.Whirlpool Ridge.A distant view of Bridge Peak with Elliot rising beyond.An interesting view towards Whirlpool Ridge from the Two O'Clock Ridge. Tuff Puff at left.Looking back towards Whirlpool Ridge at left and Two O'Clock Peak at right of center.Mike can't believe how freaking far we've come and how many hours and meter of elevation we've already completed.