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The Bush River FSR is usually in just as good shape as the Spray Lakes road ever is.The spectacular scenery along the Valenciennes River FSR.It may not look horrible, but it's much steeper than it appears and the bridge is now completely collapsed to the ground / water underneath.Numerous washouts along the Valenciennes FSR - this is a pretty tame one.The road ends officially here! Actually, some ATV's apparently do make it across.This log was key in crossing the raging washout near the end of the drivable road.The decommissioned road continues on past the washout.Dying light as we walk back to the truck - note Trevor's old Ford and my mid set up right on the road.Steven crosses the slick log at 04:30 in the morning. I wasn't so brave and au chaval'd it!Light bushwhacking as we head for the open drainage visible ahead and above us.Ascending out of the drainage now, looking at the narrows as we ascend the bank to the left (climber's).Not obvious in the photo, but the trail up the first avy path is fairly distinct.Don't get the idea that this is a highway or anything like that. It's not.The trail is faint but clear. Note the cliffs ahead?Arras at center and the Valenciennes visible at lower right now.The first of many excellent views off the highline trail. We came up on the left.A good omen for me - one of my favorite flowers.As we break treeline the route becomes a bit more scrambly and exposed down to our left. You wouldn't want a lot of snow or ice on this traverse!The route isn't always obvious.