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A view of Wasootch Peak from the 'dry' drainage.Great views of Mount Kidd from the ascent slope.Looking south and west down hwy 40 towards Spoon Needle and Fortress.The trail feels like Lord of the Rings in spots!Looking across the Kananaskis Valley towards Limestone, Inflexible, James Walker, Spoon Needle and The Fortress (R to L).Looking south to Fisher Peak (L), McKay Hills and the Wedge. Kidd on the right.Views over hwy 40 towards Kidd (C) and Bogart (R).Vern takes a break on the way up Wasootch Peak.Mount Kidd and Bogart (R).Mount Kidd.Mount Bogart looms over Ribbon Peak up the Ribbon Creek Valley.Fortress Mountain telephoto from the ascent ridge on Wasootch.Bogart.Sparrowhawk.Fortress.Looking ahead to the south summit.Looking across highway 40 at Nakiska and Mounts Olympic, Allan, Collembolla, Sparrowhawk, Wind and Lougheed.