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Another view of my random camp site with Whirlpool Ridge catching dying light in the distance. The route goes from extreme right - out of sight - to the highpoint at left.I simply bashed my way up this berm directly north of the Whirlpool Point viewpoint along hwy 11 and followed faint trails and Bob's return GPS track.Very early morning - around 05:30 - as I look back over hwy 11 and the Whirlpool Point viewpoint.There are a lot of trails in the first kilometer or so. They vary between obvious to fading out.A faint section of the lower trail.Looking towards Mount Wilson.On the ridge, looking back at Peskett (L) and Corona Ridge (R).A local resident gets annoyed with me.Looking ahead to the first summit.Looking ahead to the first summit.Great morning lighting as I glance back down my approach ridge towards Siffleur, Loudon, Peskett and Corona Ridge.Lower down the slabs are easy and much better than the scree to the left.Another view back down the ridge from a bit higher up.Bob stayed left here, while I veered a bit to the right in order to avoid scree. Whirlpool's north summit is visible at distant right.Getting more slabby now as I look back towards Peskett. You can see where the North Saskatchewan River cut through the ridge at lower center.Great views south off Whirlpool Ridge.Elliot and Ernest Ross in the background with Tuff Puff in front. Michener at distant right.