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Mount Assiniboine over Lake Gloria.Mount Assiniboine over Lake Gloria.Wonderful views over Marvel, Terrapin and Lake Gloria to Alcantara, Eon, Aye, Assiniboine, Magog.Views to Brussilof, Alcantara and Mount Eon (R) over Marvel Pass and Aurora Lake.Beautiful Aurora Lake with Mount Byng and Aurora in the bg.Hiking down from Healy Pass to the Healy Creek trail. Stunning larch views to The Monarch.Mount Shanks which I climbed earlier this year.Hiking through the burn on the access slopes of Glendowan.Noetic Peak with its north face glacier towers over two of the Block Lakes.Gorgeous views past the east face to Noetic Peak.Descending the huge south gully down to Deep Lake.Stunning views over the Kananaskis and Rawson Lakes. Opal and Misty Ranges at right.Views up Piper Creek to the pass.Views back to Cats Ears and the pass.Sunrise on the incredible Upper Martin Creek waterfall.Sunrise on the incredible Upper Martin Creek waterfall.Upper Martin Lake.Lovely lakes and tarns in the upper Martin Creek valley with the Clearwater Glacier and Mountain.