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Larches and Mount Hector.Views over Marvel Lake down Bryant Creek past Cone and Mount Turner.Views to Mount Assiniboine from the summit of Cautley.Hiking the Valley of the Rocks Trail to Og Lake.Fish Lakes and Minnow Peak (R).Views over Mount Frances to Lonely Peak.A wildfire behind Afternoon Peak in the Alexandra River valley.Afternoon Peak and Mount Willis (R).Descending to McDonald Lake.Lonely (L), Strong Winds, Frances, Cloister, Stewart, Afternoon Oval, Willis, Athabasca (R).Views back over McDonald Lake from SE ascent slopes.Incredible views past the north face of Afternoon Peak.The incredible valley under the SE ridge of Afternoon Peak.Mount Hector and Andromache over Noseeum Lake.Mount Assiniboine over Lake Gloria.Mount Assiniboine over Lake Gloria.Wonderful views over Marvel, Terrapin and Lake Gloria to Alcantara, Eon, Aye, Assiniboine, Magog.Views to Brussilof, Alcantara and Mount Eon (R) over Marvel Pass and Aurora Lake.