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I just missed a glorious sunrise opportunity but managed to capture a bit of it along hwy 68!The Kananaskis valley looks nice with a dusting of snow. The Wedge at left and Kidd at right.My small gully that took me to tree line on the ridge after descending from the Wasootch trail and going up the creek a little ways.Hard to believe that Nakiska is open for the season. Grass skiing anyone? :-)Mount Bogart towers over Ribbon Peak.Mount KiddThis is where the real slog begins! Looser than it appears...Not as bad as it looks - but loose!Almost at the summit now - looking back down my ascent route.Almost at the summit now - looking back down my ascent route.Wasootch Peak is more fun than this one - and much more popular!Kananaskis Village through a gap in the upper ridge.Another neat gap in the ridge.