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Schaffer Lake at around noon as I make my way to the All Souls Prospect which starts near the far shoreIn the Lake O'Hara region, you know you're on an 'alpine' route when there are markings like this on the trail.The route is easy to follow with a great trail and clear markings painted next to older orange square ones.You will not find better maintained or positioned trails anywhere in the Rockies. Mount Huber rising dramatically in the distance.One of my absolute favorite views from the entire day. From L to R, Mount Owen, Schaffer Lake, Odaray, Steven and Cathedral.Mount Huber looms over the All Souls Prospect trail.From L to R, Odaray, Stephen, Cathedral, Wiwaxy, Victoria, Huber, Lefroy, Yukness, Ringrose, Hungabee, Tuzo and Biddle.The Opabin Plateau is where I'll go the next day and is also part of the O'Hara Alpine Hiking Circuit.A wider panorama including Little Odaray and Schaffer Lake showing almost the entire Lake O'Hara region minus Lake OesaCathedral Mountain is one of the sexiest peaks I've had the pleasure of climbing.Vern on the summit of All Souls.The Opabin Plateau.The Opabin Plateau.The Opabin Plateau.The Opabin Plateau.The Opabin Plateau.I had to hike off the main trail to find this scenery - still above the plateau under the north face of Schaffer / Biddle.