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A lovely morning view of Threepoint Mountain from the Big Elbow bike trail.This is where we left the bikes before crossing the river and heading towards the lower slopes of Threepoint on the left.Navigating some nasty flood debris while getting closer to the lower slopes of Threepoint.Looking back at our approach.Phil works up rubble slopes on Threepoint with Cougar and an unnamed peak in the background.We managed to break through the cliff bands on climber's right easily.Looking up at the next half hour of grunting up steep scree. We contoured left of the pinnacle / first summit. Going right would be a large PITA.The scree slope is almost impossibly steep.Excellent views gaining height to the ridge, looking over at Banded Peak at C and Cougar Peak to the L.Getting closer to the ridge as we contour climber's left around the first summit of Threepoint.Looking back as we gain the ridge.Phil comes up to the ridge, the first summit pinnacle rising behind us.Gorgeous morning views of our main summit - still a long ways off (on the left).Phil on the traverse.Working our way around an outcrop on the ridge.A false summit with a pretty large cairn. True summit is way in the distance left of center.Views off the false summit. True summit at left, pinnacles at lower right.