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Looking up Bison from the parking area on hwy 93. The trick is stay left and access the upper scree slopes via the gully / notch visible here, high up and on the left.Starting off in a damp, light forest.Breaking into an avy path with views already behind us.Through the bushwhack and we found the stream! Eventually the stream splits and we took the left branch.The creek bed steepens and curves climber's left.Just before the split in the creek - take the left hand branch.The left branch is narrow and loose.Very narrow and loose!Note the slopes above the creek on the left - we came down that way rather than mess with loose and wet rocks in the creek.Higher up the creek gets wider.Traversing left and then back and forth up the band was the best route we found and was only moderate difficulty.Traversing climber's left to find a weakness.See the fresh snow?! Wietse is having fun picking a line up the ledges.Wietse is close to finishing the ledges.On the upper bench looking at our route through the top cliff bands to the summit scree cone. This gully is the only way upWietse starts up through the final 'gate' to the summit slopes.Looking down (notice the fresh snow again?!) at the upper bench above the ledges and down the upper access gully.These cliffs focus the scrambling terrain to only a few options.