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This gallery is completely in B&W because my camera's white balance setting was way off on this trip. Since I had two options - either purple and greenish or black and white, I choose black and white!
On the approach trail with Collembola rising over the tree tops ahead.Wes on the northeast end of Collembola - we should have just stayed on the north ridge.Although it was fun, it was also frustrating because the north ridge is so much easier.Looking along the NE face of the north ridge (above on the right). Eventually we realized our (my) mistake and went up to the right and back to the ridge proper.Back on the ridge proper, looking ahead to the summit.Views over to the lower north end of the Centennial Ridge trail.Centennial Ridge at left with Lougheed in the bg.Wind Mountain rising at right.Centennial Ridge with Lougheed in the bg.On the summit.On the summit.Ribbon Peak (L) with Bogart rising at center left.Ribbon (L), Bogart, Allan, Sparrowhawk, Wind, Lougheed III, II, I (R).Lougheed II is the highest of the four summits.Mount Sparrowhawk.Lougheed III, II and I (R).Descending into the lovely valley between Centennial Ridge and Collembola.Descending into the lovely valley between Centennial Ridge and Collembola.