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At first light, Mike and headed up the 'shortcut' route to the Yam shoulder from the parking lot.Mike follows me through Birch forest and alongside grassy slopes around the east end of the Yam shoulder.Yamnuska in the background as we continue our traverse.Much more snow than I was hoping to see, but it stayed frozen for us - thank goodness!Hiking alongside Old Fort Creek with Association Peak in the distance, End just visible through trees to the right.More Birch forest on the approach to the Association col. Association Hill rising in the bg to the right.Looking back at the approach from near the Association Hill / Peak col. East end of Wendell and Yamnuska in the far distance.End Mountain looms on the far left and we are aiming for the grassy slopes at skyline just left and above Mike's head here.Higher than Association Hill (left of center), looking back at our approach and Association Peak on the rightYou know you're on route when you see this oddly shaped pinnacle above and to your left.Following Phil's groups week old tracks made finding the right place to cross the last gully easier.Across the last approach gully now, looking across and up at the pinnacle.Looking across the gully (note the tracks) where we crossed. The terrain above is pretty steep, especially with snow and ice.Still not on the east ridge proper (the route never actually follows the east ridge but stays under it to the south)Looking down at Mike scrambling through the section I took the previous photo from.Looking up at the cliffs that we'll traverse south (left) under - but not until we're level with the base of them.