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Starting up Canyon Creek.Starting up Canyon Creek.A nice start to the morning! Unfortunately it didn't last long. Bryant is in the distance on the right.Starting up the first side creek (Bryant?) from Canyon Creek.The first creek bed has some interesting sections.Looking back down the wide drainage, notice the three cairns in the lower left, these mark where to leave the creek bed and take a steep trail into the forest.The trail from the 3 cairns (see previous pic).Looking ahead to the back bowl which contains the lake and the route up to the summit (oos to the left).I'm sure the lake is lovely on a nicer day.Looking back down on the lake - it's bigger than I thought it would be.There's now (2019) a popular 7 peak traverse around Bryant Lake.Looking down my approach route.Summit cairn - no views!Peering through the gloom to the east and south to Compression Ridge, Mount Howard and the Fisher Range.ooking south and west into the gloom. McDougall is somewhere in there!