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Approaching the lower icefall on the Athabasca Glacier approach to the Columbia Icefield in early morning light.Good coverage as we start up skier's right on the lower icefall - note the seracs coming off Snow Dome high on the right.Looking back down the Athabasca Glacier and the long moraine that acts as a nice handrail when visibility is low.Entering the first icefall with Andromeda rising at far left here.Sometimes you have to get creative to get through the icefall. This ramp was perfect except the 40 foot crevasse just off to our left.This is a view up at the seracs hanging off of Snow Dome that we ski under to access the icefield.Doesn't look like much until you see them collapse - looking nervously up at the seracs as we race underneath them.Heading for the almost indistinct ramp - just above Ben and Steven in the distance and looking much smaller than it is.Looking back at the Athabasca Glacier from the ramp with the seracs on the upper L, Nigel Peak in the centerGood coverage on the ramp.The sun starts to hit the Snow Dome seracs. You don't want to be under them when this happens as they usually set off at first sun.It's a blue world of snow, ice and sky but at least we can SEE the sky!Castleguard Mountain still looks like a mountain. In a few hours it'll look like nothing more than a bump on the ice field.Looking back at our tracks. Andromeda, Androlumbia, Castleguard and Bryce from L to R.Mount Columbia is already peeking out of the clouds but it's many kilometers away at this point.