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From near the David Thompson Highway - my route at left, the higher traverse route at right.Looking back towards the lake and highway from the start of my route. The higher traverse out of sight to the left, the creek out of sight to my right.My faint trail ends at this first washout along the creek. I simply followed an even fainter track along the top of it before bushwhacking (very light) up and climber's right until hitting the next maLooking back from the end of the traverse around the first washout.The first major drainage that blocks easy access to the back of the valley.It's a gorgeous day as I look back over a calm Abraham Lake. I came out of the forest at lower right here.You might be tempted to traverse straight across some sections, but look carefully before proceeding to make sure you're comfortable with the entire crossing before committing to it.Looking up at the cliffs that block me on the high side of the traverse.A short traverse to the top of the narrow downclimb.The moderate downclimb along the traverse.Looking back from the bottom of the downclimb (upper left) with great views over Abraham Lake and an idea of the exposed, slabby terrain the route traverses over.Looking back along a crack in the slab that I just crossed.More gully terrain with a pool of water waiting to catch me. Too bad it's only a few feet deep!And yet another gully.Finally nearing the scree gully. Note the 'small' snow patch near the 'top'? It's not small and that's not the top.The scree gully slowly curves up to the right.Looking down the gully from near the start of it.The snow patch is more of a snow field.Doesn't look so small now - looking back down from part way up the snow patch.I traversed further SE along the scree at the base of the cliff band here, around the far corner at left