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Ben still looks happy, despite getting lost briefly in the dark on approach.The sun is starting to rise as we work our way along the endless scree / boulder fields to the upper bowls of the Cline approach.Looking back over the Saskatchewan River Valley.Nearing tree line.Warm sunrise on the cliffs above the approach traverse.An alpine plateau before hiking up to the lakes.The cliff band with the snow patch comes into view.Another look back along our traverse route.Ben scrambles up on climber's right of the snow patch, through the cliff band.Sunrise on the cliffs above as we get to the alpine tarns and the bivy site.The Cline tarns are very still in the early morning air.Looking down on the lakes from the loose scramble to the upper valley.Looking back down the valley we ascended from the tarns.Amazing views from the col include Murchison, Chephren, White Pyramid, Sarbach, Forbes and Wilson.Mount Wilson.Getting a great view of Murchison and its many towers as we get higher.