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Breaking out of the trees with views west up the Dormer River.Otuskwan Peak looks great from this angle.Panther Mountain.Wild views up the Dormer River.A gorgeous day on the SE ridge of Dormer.Our mountain starts to finally show up!Great views off the lower SE ridge include Dormer at right.Phil hikes up the SE ridge of Dormer.Looking back down the SE ridge towards Winchester Ridge and Otuskwan Peak.Views back down the Dormer towards the gap.Above tree line on slabby / pebble slopes.Phil ascends the SE ridge of Dormer.Looking way up to the summit block.Puma Mountain at distant center.Puma Mountain is over 10,200 feet high and at the north end of the Palliser Range.Scrambling the SE ridge.Scrambling the SE ridge.We circumvented difficulties on our right (east) side of the ridge.Looking south to Zombie and Otuskwan Peak.Views south to Kink (Ghost) Peak.