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The makeshift bridge over the outlet stream from Scarab Lake.Shadows are already getting long as we start the uphill trudge from Scarab Lake to Sugarloaf.The trail from Scarab Lake is nice. Note all the larch needles already padding it.The trail from Scarab Lake is nice. Note all the larch needles already padding it.Interesting meadows just under Mummy Lake and Sugarloaf which is out of sight to the left here.Negotiating loose, bouldery terrain to the Sugarloaf / Unnamed col.Great views back over our approach include Middle and Greater (R) Pharaoh Peaks.From the col, looking south over Talc Lake towards The Monarch.Getting higher on Sugarloaf, looking south back over the col to The Monarch, Talc Lake, Unnamed, Mummy Lake, Haiduk and Scarab Lake (L to R).Views include White Tail at far distant left with Mummy Lake, Haiduk, Scarab Lake, Mount Ball and the Pharaoh Peaks from L to R.Looking over the Monarch Ramparts towards Citadel Pass at left. The Monarch at center and the Unnamed peak rising over Talc Lake at right.The Monarch with its burnt west slopes from the Verdant Creek wildfire. Lovely Talc Lake at lower right.Phil takes in the scene over the Monarch Ramparts and Healy Pass.The Sunshine area peaks include (L to R), Eagle, Howard Douglas, Lookout and Brewster.Looking north over the nose. Pharaoh Peak looks impressive with Scarab Lake at left and Pharaoh Creek running off at right down the valley to join Redearth Creek.Copper Mountain.Mount Ball looms large over Whistling Pass.