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Skinning up the long well packed Rockbound Lake trail.After a small drop the trail levels out for a bit through a forest of smaller trees.Following tracks off trail towards Silverton Creek and the lower south slopes of Helena Ridge.Across Silverton Creek and ascending the south slopes of Helena Ridge.A small rocky drainage on Helena Ridge's lower south slopes.Views back to Eisenhower Tower from the drainage.Views back towards Storm Mountain from the drainage.Views back along the drainage.Steep skin track up out of the drainage.Continuing up the south slopes of Helena Ridge through thinning forest.A gorgeous morning as I approach larch forests near treeline on the ridge. It's still -20 though!Panorama in the larch forest looking towards Helena Peak (R) and Eisenhower Tower (L).An outlier of Helena Peak at right with Castle Mountain, Eisenhower Tower and Stuart Knob to it's left. Storm Mountain at distant left.Castle Mountain (North) and Stuart Knob (R).Following the track upwards.The Helena Peak outlier is striking!Untracked powder.Nearing the ridge top looking back at my approach. A lovely winter scene.Views from the south end of the summit ridge include Johnston Creek (L) and the Bow River (R).