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Tom and Wietse head down Cegfns towards Murry.Tom and Wietse head down Cegfns towards Murry.Wietse on the traverse with Cegfns in the background.Looking back up at CEGFNS.Looking back up at CEGFNS.Cegfns / Murray col with Gusty, Chester, James Walker and Inflexible in the backgroundMounts Smith-Dorrien, French and Prairie Lookout appear as we round the backside of Mount Murray.Tom coming up Mount Murray with Assiniboine, Burstall and Birdwood in the background.We went a bit too far before cutting back up to the summit.The final few meters to the summit of Mount Murray.The final few meters to the summit of Mount Murray.Tom, Wietse and Vern on the summit of Mount Murray.Wietse coming up to the summit of Mount Murray with an amazing panorama behind him.Looking to Assiniboine (L), Birdwood, Tower, Galatea, Chester, James Walker, Invincible and Kent (R)Smith Dorrien (L), French, Prairie Lookout, Robertson, Piggy Plus, Burstall and Birdwood (R).Mount Kent / Ridge running alongside the Smith Dorrien Road.Prairie Lookout and Robertson at left over French Creek below (R).Wietse descends the chimney / gully that is critical to cracking the summit block early on Mount Murray.