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Bow Lake on a warm summer morning.Bow Lake on a warm summer morning.Mount Olive and St. Nicholas over Bow Lake.The back of Bow Lake.The stairs leading up the river at the back of the lake.Portal on the top right, the moraine access route in the center and the Bow Hut approach on the left.Looking up at Portal Peak from the Bow Glacier Falls trail. You can spot the small waterfall that I aimed for by the highest patch of greenery on the right.Making my way through the patch of green.Looking back down my ascent route.Bow Glacier Falls starts to steal the show.Bow Glacier Falls.Looking up the loose route - this is a foretaste of what's to come.More lovely scenery from on top of the small falls, looking towards Crowfoot Mountain and the OnionBow Glacier Falls with Vulture at center and Olive at distance right.Looking back over Bow Lake.Steep, loose, exposed terrain above the small waterfall already. This is easy compared to what's coming so if you don't like it, don't go above Iceberg Lake!