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Looking towards Cougar Mountain and Mount Rae as Phil descends the west ridge of Threepoint.Looking back up at Threepoint.Looking to the NE ridge of Threepoint off the west ridge. Note the pinnacles at center.The first gully we checked out looked kind of nasty.But this one looks pretty easy up close!Looking through the gully at Threepoint (L) and Rose (R). It looks like a long traverse from here.The terrain looks worse than it is - provided it's dry of course!The terrain is loose and steep, but easy scrambling.This looks like a wee bit of a grunt! Bluerock is even visible at the right - with fresh snow.The terrain under the gully is steep and loose.Now you know why there's so many fossils here.More of the steep and loose section underneath the escape gully.The terrain is pretty cool around the cliff bands.Another view back to the gully.Looking back at Threepoint and the ridge / cliffs from part way along the traverse.On the north ridge of Rose.Looking back along the north ridge of Rose with an intervening high point almost blocking Threepoint's summit.