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Crossing King Creek.This is as bad as the bushwhacking got. Not too bad!Hiking the upper meadows on King Creek.This is the headwall. Go up the climbers left and then straight for that 'dirt patch' you can see in the photo - it's actually brown scree.King Creek Ridge at left.The view starts to open up a bit as we grind our way up the steep, grassy slopes.King Creek Ridge is in the immediate background. (Kane's 'unnamed ridge to the west...)Hiking up from the col looking over King Creek Ridge.Wietse looks over Packenham Junior towards Grizzly Peak.Views over King Creek Ridge towards Warspite.The long south ridge of Mount Lawson as we grind up the lower scree slope.Gorgeous views back over King Creek Ridge to the Kananaskis Lakes.Nearing the upper col.At the Brock / Hood col.Ascending from the col, Brock in the bg.At the Hood / Brock col, Wietse surveys the mountains to the east. Brock rises up in the background.Gorgeous Opal Range views.Ascending scree from the col.Tombstone (L), Brock / Blane (C) and Wintour (R).