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Sheep in the valley below Beehive Mountain.Wietse and Phil are pretty tiny in the expansive alpine meadows SE of Mount Lyall - which looks much closer than it is.Looking back at Beehive Mountain - our first objective of the day.Sticking to more open terrain on our way towards a now-looming Mount Lyall.Looking up a very dry Lyall Creek - thankfully it didn't stay this way!We managed to find open areas along Lyall Creek through the light forest.Lyall Creek is flowing with clear, cold water. Man did that taste good!The meadows were on absolute fire with fall colors in the vegetation.The meadows were on absolute fire with fall colors in the vegetation.Looking back at our approach and Beehive Mountain as we cross a boulder field on route to the NE shoulder of Lyall.We will aim for the spot above Phil's head here to dump our heavy gear before veering left up Lyall.Looking back at the lovely traverse from Beehive - note the boulder field.Tons of sheep in the area.Tons of sheep in the area.Finishing off the approach to the shoulder.Phil contemplates life with Beehive Mountain looming in the distance.Heading for the east face of Lyall from the NE shoulder.Amazingly the smoke is clearing again! Lyall Tarn visible at left along with Mount Gass, O'Rourke, Farquhar and Etherington marching north along the Great Divide.Wietse and I will bivy at this lovely tarn tonight.