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Wietse skis up the Rockbound Lake trail.Meeting Kelly on the way. It's been years since I saw Kelly!Crossing Silverton Creek and turning up to the ridge.Lito skins up the old tracks behind me.It's Chantal's birthday today so she gets to break trail. I don't make the rules...Reaching open treed terrain ~200 vertical meters from the summit now.Another beautiful winter day.Wietse skis to the summit.Clouds swirl over the Bow Valley and Copper Mountain.Views to the Castle Mountain massif and Helena Ridge.A gorgeous day. Skinning up for our 2nd lap.A gorgeous day.Chantal puts on skins for the 2nd lap.A gorgeous day. Skinning up for our 2nd lap.Chantal skis down the gentle slopes to tree line.Our 3rd lap.