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Views to Brussilof, Alcantara and Mount Eon (R) over Marvel Pass and Aurora Lake.Beautiful Aurora Lake with Mount Byng and Aurora in the bg.Dramatic views down and along the east face of Flints Peak to the Cascade River valley.Puma Mountain and the small tarn steal the show.Stunning views over the Kananaskis and Rawson Lakes. Opal and Misty Ranges at right.L to R, Petain, Joffre, Warrior, King George, Lyautey, Sarrail, Sir Douglas, Indefatigable, Turret.Mount Harris catches sunset as we hike the eastern flats to our bivy.Hiking back to our bivy across the gorgeous McConnell meadows.Incredible lighting over Divide Pass (R).Traversing to break the lower cliff band with views of Mummy Lake and The Sphinx.Views back over Mummy Lake from the scree slope above the tree buttress.A very impressive view of Deluc's outliers looming over the pristine, beautiful hidden lake.Dip Slope Mountain and the stunning lake with Deluc outliers rising to the right.Views over Mount Peters towards, Mamen (L), Cheshire, Caterpillar, Dormouse and Dodo (R).Phil and Joanna approach the summit (R).Southfork, Barnaby, Haig Ridge, Haig.Eric on the summit plateau with Mount Ball in the distance.Marvel Peak rises above Owl Lake with Marvel Pass at distant left and Allenby Pass at distant right.