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Back down near the Wilcox Meadows trail, Wilcox rising at far right.The Wilcox Pass area is known for it's Mountain Sheep.Rod with Nigel's lower slopes at left.This is a very popular area, look at the massively worn trail! If you can, hike this area in September during the week. Mount Wilcox ahead at center.Two more, large rams lolling in the warm sunshine - exactly what we felt like doing!I continue on towards Wilcox solo.Looking back at Nigel (L) from the start of Wilcox's SE ridge.There are many viable paths up the lower part of the SE ridge on Wilcox. Sunwapta just peeking out on the far right.A veritable highway to the summit on this popular peak.These views are incredible!Who cares how popular it is, when you have views like this!! Nigel on the left.The terrain gets a bit more 'moderate' from the lower shoulder to the summit.Incredible exposure and views off the SE shoulder looking down at the Athabasca Glacier and Mount Andromeda (L) and Bryce (R).Continuing on looser terrain to the summit - still traversing under the SE ridge proper.Summit views of Nigel Peak - we were just up there a few hours ago.Great views of Engelhard, Alberta, Woolley and Diadem (L to R).