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Lefroy is buried in clouds and North Victoria is out of sight to the right from the well used trail running alongside Lake Louise.Low cloud hides the big peaks as we approach the cool ledge traverse on the main trail to the Plain of Six Glaciers tea house.On the excellent approach trail - too bad the vegetation was soaking wet from the storm that passed us by!Hiking steeply uphill on a well defined trail.Ben on the moraines below the glacier. The trail through here is fairly obvious and marked with many large cairns.As we ascend into clouds, North Victoria shows her moody side.Mount Lefroy looks very impressive rising into the clouds, high above the Death Trap glacier below.Mount Whyte, Fairview, Haddo, Aberdeen, Lefroy, The Mitre and Mount Victoria South and North Peak from L to R.A gorgeous sunset view over The Mitre with Pinnacle Mountain in the background.Sunrise over Lake Louise from the bivy site.Sunrise on Temple (L), Lefroy (C) and Victoria (R).Sunrise over Lake Louise - Fairview on the right.Steps from the glacier, our summit is just visible at upper right.Now we're on the glacier as the sun peeks over the horizon and turns everything pink.Looking out over the crevassed glacier towards Lefroy and Mount Temple.It's chilly, but the snow is already soft as we work our way high on climber's right above the main glacier.Mount Victoria North is directly above my shadow, while the main peak is at left of center. Note the huge holes under the snow slopeBen carefully negotiates over the bergschrund, much higher on climber's right than most parties cross it.On rock, looking over the glacier towards Haddo, Aberdeen, Temple, Lefroy and Victoria (L to R).Ben starts up the black rock band. It started fairly easy, but steepened considerably near the col, high above us here.