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The traverse from Mythic Tower to Little Mythic Tower is 100% worth it for views like this down Exshaw Creek.The view to the north ain't shabby either. Mythic Tower is impressive from pretty much any angle.An easy scree hike to the summit.The east face reminded me of Ha Ling.Interesting terrain near the summit.Epic Tower and Mount Townsend just visible at left. I've come a long way today! South Ghost Peak and Cross Peak at right.Morrowmount, Yamnuska, Old Fort, Goat, Loder, Door Jamb and Mount Fable (L to R).Old Fort Peak.Mount Yamnuska.South Ghost, Cross Peak and Association Peak (L to R).Morrowmount (Jura Peak).Mount Townsend. Mythic Tower featuring prominently at center foreground.Bob Spirko used the Exshaw Creek (L) approach for Little Mythic, ascending the red scree slopes at foreground center and right in front of Mount Fable.A close-up of Mythic Tower's summit block showing the crack and crux chimney which are key to cracking the summit.This is the easy exit bowl under Little Mythic that I used for descent. Cougar Peak at upper left and Cougar Creek at lower right.These rocks weren't great in approach shoes. The key is to trend left to avoid lower slabs.Looking across to Mount Townsend (L) and Epic Tower (R).Looking back up easy descent slopes.This is why you have to be careful where you descend. Looking north across very slabby terrain with my descent route at lower left.My exit creek leads towards Cougar Creek easily. Townsend at distant upper right.