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Mount Racehorse seen from the lower south slopes of Racehorse Peak. Confused yet? Blame Bob Spirko for the creative naming scheme.Wietse winds his way up the lower, bushy end of the mountain.Looking back at Racehorse Peak.A fairly straightforward scree grunt.Nice views back towards Racehorse Peak and over Racehorse Pass.Easy, blocky scrambling up some low cliff bands.The "cliffs" aren't very cliffy.Great telephoto views into Mount Harrison with Smith Peak on the right.Tornado Mountain lies to the north and is definitely on my list.Looking north east and south (R) from near the summit. Racehorse Peak at left and Allison at right.Summit panorama looking west and east (R). Erikson Ridge in the distant background.Crowsnest Mountain looms over Window Mountain. I've stood in that window after traversing over top of it!Allison Peak.Mount Erikson.Mount Mike is officially 10,827 feet high, but rumored to be closer to 11,000 feet than that.Mount Harrison with Smith Peak to the right. The striking peak to the left is unnamed.Racehorse Peak on the left "Pony" just right of that and the high point to the right of that.Looking east towards Centre Peak and the Livingstone Range. Ma Butte in the foreground at right.Thrift Peak at left in the distance and Thunder Mountain at right.